DotBlockchain Music Signs Up Four Industry Partners, Enters ‘Phase Two’ of Data Project
February 1, 2017

by Dan Rys DotBlockchain Music, the initiative co-founded by PledgeMusic’s Benji Rogersthat aims to use blockchain technology to create an open-source system of sound recording, publishing and performance rights and ownership, is officially entering phase two. Today, the company announced partnerships with four industry groups to achieve that aim: SOCAN, the Canadian-based performance rights organization, and […]

SoundExchange Paid Out $884 Million in 2016
January 31, 2017

by Ed Christman SoundExchange paid out $884 million in royalties to artists and labels in 2016, a 10.1 percent increase over the $803 paid out in 2015. “We distributed record-setting royalties to artists and labels in 2016 and broadened our charter beyond our original role of administering statutory licenses,” SoundExchange president and CEO Michael Huppe said in a […]

ReverbNation Acquires AudioKite To Better Consumer Research For Musicians
November 4, 2016

by Hugh McIntyre Today, two well-known companies in the music industry serving up-and-coming musicians of all sizes and from any genre have combined forces to create one singular, even more powerful firm, with a renewed focus on research and reviews as a first priority moving forward. ReverbNation, a well-established artist services firm, has acquired AudioKite, one […]

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