Anna Graceman Releases Brand New Single, “Crazy World, Sets Release Date for Debut Album

Press Release - August 15, 2012

Anna Graceman, who made it all the way into the Top Ten in last season’s top-rated TV show “America’s Got Talent,” will unveil her brand new video, “Crazy World,” today on her YouTube channel,  Beginning today the single is available at online retail outlets everywhere!  Filmed on the famed Venice Boardwalk in sunny Southern California, the clip features Anna singing amongst the colorful characters that make up one of the most recognizable settings in the world.

It was also announced today that Anna’s anticipated self-titled debut has been set for release on September 25.  Each of the ten tracks that make up Anna Graceman were penned by the 12 year old singer/songwriter, who’s been writing songs since the age of 6.  The album was recorded in Los Angeles, far away from Anna’s hometown of Juneau, Alaska and was produced by Will Hollis, a widely respected musical director for a number of well known artists.

Since Anna was a toddler, she has had the gift of music – ““I’ve always been a music geek,” she laughs.  At just six years she began to write songs, many of which her proud dad recorded at home so they would be preserved.   Eventually he decided to post them to YouTube where Anna and the extended family could enjoy them.  Then when Anna was just nine years old, Ellen Degeneres discovered one of the tracks, “Paradise,” on YouTube and invited Anna to come to Los Angeles to perform on the show.  She astounded both audience and host with her vocal talent and her endearing personality.

“It was the first time I ever performed in front of a large crowd,” recalls Anna.   “And I’d never been on TV before.  You know, I’m from Juneau which is a really small town, so all of my friends were really surprised and excited for me.  I was nervous, of course, but Ellen is an amazing person and she is very easy to talk to, so that was really cool.”

Anna’s wild ride in the music business was just beginning.  In 2010 Anna had an opportunity to audition for “America’s Got Talent,” but she and her folks demurred.  By 2011 Anna felt ready, and she flew to AGT’s Atlanta auditions where she performed Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You,” and promptly brought down the house.

“You’re just this little girl with this old soul in your voice, which is something that can’t be learned. You either have it or you don’t,” said Judge Sharon Osbourne.  Anna would make it all the way to the Top 10.  “I’d never played anybody else’s songs before,” she says.  “With my originals it’s easy to change it up if I make a mistake, but it’s definitely harder with covers because everybody knows the songs and so you have to make them the absolute best you can.”

Since then Anna has been balancing her studies and time with her family with sessions in the recording studio.  The result is Anna Graceman, a 10 track collection of tracks written by the young singer.  From her debut single “Showtime” to the current track “Crazy World,” many of the songs on Anna Graceman deal with the pressure of being a kid and trying to fit in while staying true to one’s character.  Ballads like the simply orchestrated “Can We Figure It Out” and one of the earliest tracks on the album, “Lexi’s Lullaby,” showcase Anna’s clean, beautiful vocals and capable piano chops.  One thing is certain, all of the tracks on Anna Graceman showcase a talent whose songwriting depth and vocal chops belie the singer’s age.

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