For Love Of The Music: Executive Interview With Interscope’s Erika Spieldoch – POLLSTAR

- April 16, 2020
Erika Spieldoch still loves the music. Having been in (and out of) the music industry for nearly 30 years, the VP of Touring and Special Events at Interscope Records still gets a kick out of seeing artists connect with their audiences and knowing she was a part of that.
The love of music has been there since her youth in St. Louis, although it has taken her to places and jobs she never expected. Along the way she has become an expert in budgeting and logistics through her work with Interscope, Warner Brothers and Mercury Records.
Today Spieldoch oversees a team of seven employees who handle touring and special events budgeting, negotiation, production and logistics. She also works with select clients on the Interscope roster, from U2 to newer acts like BLACKPINK and YUNGBLUD.
She survived the music industry’s tremendous decline in the early aughts and, after a brief foray into television, returned with a vengeance. Spieldoch was gracious enough to chat with Pollstar about the places she has been in her career and where she is at today for this feature.
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