Inside the Podcast That’s Giving Pop Songwriters Their Due – Rolling Stones

- April 26, 2017

By most metrics, the songwriter Ross Golan is riding high right now: Tracks he co-wrote became Top 10 hits for Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez and Flo Rida last year. But Golan is concerned about the future of his profession, which shapes the music that’s heard by hundreds of million listeners every week.

“We’ve just demolished the middle class of songwriters,” he says. “I had a song on Michael Bubl√©’s record; that album sold 100,000 copies in that first week, which is a lot. But 100,000 copies brings $9,100 [for songwriters]. Split that between three writers, and you’ve made $3,000-ish. That’s not nothing, but you have to get the second biggest album in the fucking world to get that. Albums are going away, so how do we come up with some sort of income stream for the people who don’t write [Flo Rida’s] ‘My House,’ [Grande’s] ‘Dangerous Woman’ and [Gomez’s] ‘Same Old Love’?”

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