Pitbull links with Playboy

CMU - March 25, 2014

“Global music superstar” Pitbull, real name Armando Christian Pérez, has hooked up with Playboy Enterprises, Inc in one of those a “strategic partnership” things. So that’s nice. No, wait, it isn’t nice at all. Nice is what it isn’t.

Pérez’s affiliation with the brand is – claims this press release – meant as a “creative cross pollination” of his world and Playboy’s, translating to collaborations on various “content, experience, and product-related initiatives”. The first and so far only one of those initiatives is the forthcoming official clip for P-Bull’s new single ‘Wild Wild Love (feat GRL)’, which was filmed at the Playboy Mansion earlier this month.

Pitbull, who joins the Playboy party as the brand celebrates its 60th year selling sex, poses this motion: “In order to become an iconic brand you have to partner up with one”, going on to ask: “What’s more iconic than Playboy?”

And also, to add: “It’s an honour to partner with Playboy Enterprises – Ladies and Gentlemen you are looking at the new Playboy, Armando Christian Pérez”.

Playboy CEO Scott Flanders says: “Throughout our history we’ve collaborated with artists and cultural tastemakers who both embody the Playboy lifestyle and interpret it in their own images. Today we’re taking a big step in re-interpreting our enduring brand for a new generation by welcoming Armando into the fold. His magnetic energy, charisma and style combined with his clear talent as an entrepreneur exemplify the aspirational lifestyle that defines our brand. We’re looking forward to doing some great things together”.

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