ReverbNation: ‘Too many young bands are signing up to bad deals’

Music Week - May 6, 2015



by Tom Pakinkis

ReverbNation’s recent stride into the publishing world is in part a bid to help young up-and-coming artists. which the  company feels are often “encumbered by  bad deals before they even get  out of the  gate.”

The ar tist  services platform unveiled its publishing division. Connect Songs. last  week in partnership with UK -based indie publisher Sentric Music.  The new  arm will provide publishing administration services  under a revenue sharing model with its artists. with no long-term co-publishing rights being acquired by the company and no upfront fees.

The first artists to benefit from the publishing service will be members of ReverbNation’s artist development Incubator Connect. which develops promising artists identified  by the company’s curation-at-scale’ capability.

“Too many  young bands. particularly the most promising. find  themselves encumbered by bad deals before they even get out  of the gate.” ReverbNation’s chief  creative off1 cer Simon

Perry (pictured) told Music  Week.  Our goal is to provide artists with career  management tools that help them get to the point where  they havereal leverage before they  make  those  decisions. That  freedom allows artists  to make  the right decisions. at the right  time. concerning thoselong-term deals.”

Perry added: “The  industry is more democratic now than it’s ever been  in terms  of the entry points available  to artists at the start of their careers.  We recognise that artists  now have a choice. and one  size does  not  fit all. We believe that the  freedom and manoeuvrability of Connect Songs. matched with the higher level of creative services  currently offered by only  a small handful of traditional publishers. represents a credible option for emerging artists.”

ReverbNation has formed an alliance withSentric  Music  to enable Connect Songs to collect publishing royalties worldwide. Sentric will handle royalty collection. sync services. and neighbouring rights  services  for artists  that choose to participate.

We started working with ISentricl a couple of years ago and have been  impressed by both their  commitment to simplifying a complex aspect of  the business for artists. and. critically. to providing a higher level of  service than  many others in this  space.” said Perry. “Furthermore. Sentric’s direct relationships with overseas publishers and PROs will allow us to pay more money through to our artists.”

While the  first ReverbNation artists to benefit from Connect Songs will be those  in the company’s Connect programme. there  will be scope in future to extend the opportunity to other artists  using  the company’s services.