About Our Services

We offer a complete array of public relations, corporate communications and strategic marketing services to make your vision a reality.  

Branding Campaigns

Brand recognition doesn’t happen all on its own.  It takes a team to ensure that key messaging is consistent throughout all channels.  Otherwise the brand comes off as confused and muddled.

Our corporate branding efforts on behalf of Live Nation Entertainment encompassed the launch of a newly named company, promotion of a brand new web destination and a comprehensive cause-related marketing program, all of which helped establish the company as entertainment leader with a much improved reputation amongst its employees and customers.

Crisis Communications

Every company should have a comprehensive crisis communication plan that contemplates what to do when things go wrong.  And in the instance that a crisis arises that has not been expected, you’ll want an expert, someone who has already walked through a similar experience to guide your public responses.

The team at SpinLab is skilled in preparing crisis communications plans to create a strategy before things go wrong and we have successfully guided clients through all types of crises that threatened their brand reputation and bottom line.  We are here to protect your vision.

Event Planning and Execution

Not every product or tour launch requires an event, but given the right circumstances a well-produced event can be a highly cost effective way to draw attention to a project or product launch.

SpinLab is adept at designing the right kind of event for your project – a simple cocktail party, a local press conference, or a global media experience – to create a meaningful, measurable bounce that drives revenue and brand recognition.

Corporate Communications

In the fast paced, ever-changing, 24 hour news cycle, successful companies need experts on tap to guide them through the complex news landscape, or risk alienating their investors and customers.

SpinLab has created overall communications plans for Fortune 500 companies and for privately held smaller organizations.  We ensure that the key messaging is identified and pushed through all the communications channels at our disposal.  We are experts at executive preparation, at building relationships between key media and executives, boosting and managing executive profiles and identifying key speaking and marketing opportunities.


Whether it’s an album campaign, a global tour or product launch, or a lifestyle/personality campaign, SpinLab leverages its deep relationships across all sectors of the media including print, television, radio and online outlets to create positive messaging opportunities for your brand.  Our programs are one-of-a-kind,  tailor-made for each of our clients.

Public Relations

SpinLab will create a comprehensive PR program which will communicate your message to your people:  your fans, your employees, current and potential investors, your customers and your stockholders.