DistroKid Says It Puts Out Nearly 40 Percent of the World’s New Music – Rolling Stone

- May 7, 2021

Arizona Zervas’ debut single “Roxanne” is four-times platinum in America and has more than a billion streams worldwide — but he started out as an unsigned artist self-releasing via DistroKid. That was 2019, when the DIY trend and the might of independent, non-label distributors became acutely clear to the music industry.

Now, DistroKid ingests and processes 35,000 new songs every day, which is “significantly more than any other distributor,” the company announced on Friday. (To put that in perspective: Spotify gets about 60,000 new tracks a day in total, both from labels and independent distributors. DistroKid falls into the latter category.) Launched in 2013, DistroKid estimates that it today distributes 30 to 40 percent of all new music across the globe at this point, and the company’s catalog has grown to more than 20 million tracks.

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