How Music’s Business Managers Are Tracking Revenue — And Getting Their Artists Bi-Weekly Paychecks – BILLBOARD

- February 23, 2021

The new financial services startup HIFI is tracking artist royalties and projecting future earnings to pay a regular salary.

A new startup is offering to help solve what’s become an unlikely mystery for music’s top artists and their business managers: how much money they’re actually making.

It’s a question that’s become surprisingly hard to answer in a world of micropayments from a fast-multiplying number of platforms and music distributors around the globe. But it’s one that’s taken on new urgency as artists scramble to replace the revenue they long earned from touring before the pandemic halted concerts a year ago. Many are turning to their future royalties for a lifeline and need to know exactly what they’re expected to earn altogether in order to borrow against it or to maximize the price their copyright interests can command on the soaring music-asset market.

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