How We Work Now: Sofar Sounds VP City Operations Amanda Presson

- July 14, 2020

In a series amid the coronavirus pandemic, Billboard is asking individuals from all sectors of the music business to share stories of how they work now, with much of the world quarantined at home and unable to take in-person meetings, attend conferences or even go into the office. Submissions for the series can be sent to Read the full series here.

This installment is with Amanda Presson, vp of city operations at intimate concert series company Sofar Sounds.

Amanda Presson: [The shutdown] was such a huge shift for us, because we are so focused on the live event experience and bringing our communities together in person. After we had to halt our core business, our first thought went to, “How do we continue to support artists?” That was such a big part of our mission: Bringing communities together, having them in the same space and being able to connect audiences with artists.

We all went away and tried to think about how we could pivot. We have a lot of skills — we obviously have this amazing network of artists and fans — and out of that came this idea of the Listening Room. I think a big part of it was that we wanted to encourage our audience to keep listening to the music that was out there. We were seeing how devastating the pandemic was going to be for artists. Just at Sofar, we had about 1,000 events that were impacted by the pandemic.

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