Q&A: How Emily Lazar Became The Go-To Engineer In Music, From HAIM And Coldplay To The Beatles And The Stones – FORBES

- February 24, 2021

I first met engineer Emily Lazar in 2012 when she was one of the nominees for Album of The Year for her work on Foo Fighters’ Wasting Light album. At the time Lazar was the first woman to master an album nominated in the prestigious category.

This year Lazar has another first, one she proudly points out no one has ever had before, “Not male, female, blue, green.” She is the first engineer to have three albums up for Album Of The Year. Of the eight contenders she mastered three — Coldplay’sEveryday Light, HAIM’s Women In Music Pt. III and Jacob Collier’s Djessee Vol. 3.

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