Why this record label launched a mental-health arm to combat anxiety and depression in the music biz – Fast Company

- May 14, 2020

The progressive company is hoping to inspire others to embrace the importance of psychological wellness—just in time for Mental Health Awareness month.

In 2012, Junia Abaidoo, Tunde Balogun, Justice Baiden, Sean Famoso McNichol, and Carlon Ramong cofounded Love Renaissance (LVRN) with the goal of making love cool again.

Its five founders felt like music was in a dark place and wanted to create a business that served as an inspiration to people from every walk of life. Since its inception, LVRN has blossomed into a creative agency/management team/record label that’s home to chart-topping artists Summer Walker, 6lack, and more. Over the past eight years, its founders have earned a reputation for their progressive approach to running their business, as well as establishing it as an Atlanta-based hub where creatives can flourish.

From the outset, a key component to LVRN’s success was the value it placed on mental health. Executives worked regularly, for instance, with therapists on team building and communication exercises. But in April, the company made its commitment to wellness official—just in time for May, which is Mental Health Awareness Month—with the launch of an entire division focused on psychological wellness for LVRN staff and artists.

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